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Friends of Recovery United

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Friends of Recovery, United, supports those struggling with addiction and/or mental illness as they work toward recovery through court-directed treatment programs. We provide tangible items and services to participants in the Cook County Problem-Solving courts with no other means to obtain them. In addition, we can provide valuable resources such as housing, educational opportunities, transportation, food, toiletries (grooming supplies), and whatever the court team deems necessary for an individual’s successful recovery.

All of our donations go directly to support and services. We have no paid staff. We serve as a resource for court-involved persons and their families while partnering with local organizations, governmental agencies, and community leaders to promote the social and economic impact of drug courts. Help us, help save lives and improve our community.

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Friends of Recovery United

Drug Courts Save Lives, Costs, and Families

75% of program graduates nationwide remain arrest-free for at least two years after program completion. Scientific evidence proves that adult drug courts reduce crime, reduce substance abuse, improve family relationships and increase earning potential.


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Our mission is powered by accountability. Problem-solving courts increase a participant’s potential for successful reintegration into the community. From court personnel to treatment providers to participants’ families, we all play a role in the progression toward hope and healing. Together, we can save lives and improve our communities, with compassion as our guide

Everyone deserves a second chance

Board of Directors

Michal Bramley

Retired Cook County Probation Officer

Natosha Cuyler Toller

Susan Fasan

Retired Probation Administrator

Zach Feranec

Account manager and person in recovery

Jordan Schultz

Property Manager

Layreese McGee

Self-employed Cosmetologist and drug court graduate

Michael Panichi

Vice-President, Platinum Pest Solutions

Hon. Thomas Panichi (ret.)

Retired Cook County Judge

Anthony Haapala

Technical Integration Specialist

Renee Thibault

Assistant Attorney General

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