Be a Volunteer

It Requires

The effort of loved ones, friends, and neighbors to help restore and strengthen the bonds that eventually lead to long-term recovery. If you have a passion for serving others with your time or resources, Friends of Recovery welcomes you to join our work in treating addiction and mental health as a volunteer!

Friends of Recovery United
Friends of Recovery United

Available Opportunities

Assist With Community Outreach and Education

In addition to providing services and commodities to fill the gap between courts and the community, Friends of Recovery also provides education to participants, their families, community members, and professionals within the criminal justice system. You can volunteer to lead educational discussions with the children of participants on the disease of addiction and the consequences of criminal behavior. You can also join us in the community as we share the benefits of treatment courts, create support and awareness of recovery, and dispel the notion that drug treatment courts are “soft on crime.” Together, we can connect with neighborhoods through meaningful interactions and hands-on learning.

“Be a Friend” to Recovering Individuals

Are you a drug court graduate? Show current participants that there is life on the other side of addiction as a mentor or sponsor! Connect regularly with participants to discuss progress and challenges, and share words of encouragement throughout their recovery journey.

It’s never too late to be a friend! Contact us to learn more about how you can support Friends of Recovery’s efforts.

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Friends of Recovery United

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